Saturday, February 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

I do not blog much on this site. In fact I haven't placed a new entry for more than a year. It isn't that there isn't anything to write about. My life has gotten very busy and like so many different things, I put off what isn't pressing. But you don't really need to read about that.

Time passes but the same problems confront our nation and indeed our very survival. We have broken a race barrier and have elected our first African-American as President. Yet as soon as he took office, in the midst of a financial meltdown, the so-called loyal opposition set upon him to undermine his Presidency. Grappling multiple problems simultaneously, the Republicans have acted as a block to vote against America in order to make Obama fail. They have obstructed healthcare reform and thus millions of Americans are destined to be without health insurance. They have obstructed the stimulus, and the recession drags on. They work to undermine climate change legislation while glaciers melt, oceans rise, and our very future is at risk.

"Tea Party" movement, financed by insurance companies and quiet billionaires, lures the poor and economically disadvantaged to fight for their guns, their 'family values' and their very belief in God against a presumed 'outsider' who doesn't really look much like them. In difficult times, it is easy to manipulate the masses to act against their own interests.

The ripples that we need to make continue to require our attention.

I do not know if I shall blog more or less often here or elsewhere. I am in it for the long-run as the challenges facing us shall not be addressed by quick fixes.

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